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Welcome! You have just opened the site of the Yellow Rabbit Hunting Club Home Page. It's still under construction, and probably always will be. You see, we intend to be continually upgrading this site as time goes on. Right now we do not have very many photos to put up on the site, but that will change.

At the Yellow Rabbit we are primarily deer hunters although we also have lots of other game and we do hunt it all. We pursue deer, turkeys, squirrels, doves, and we even shoot some crows. We also like to shoot conventional rifles, handguns, the bow and arrow, and black powder rifles. We don't do it all, but we try! Only the demands of making a living keep us from having the time to do more.

So, let's get started, and we'll show and tell you more about us and our little hunting place in Mississippi.

Where are we?

Yellow Rabbit Hunting Club is located right in the heart of Benton County, only 5 miles out of Ashland, MS. This is the hill country of North Central Mississippi. We are about 65 miles from Memphis, TN, and on NO major highways. We are just off of a small county road that is known as Pleasant Hill Road, southeast of Ashland.  We hold an annual hunting lease on 328 acres with a mix of hardwood, pine timber, and row crop farmland.  Though we use the lease primarily during hunting seasons, it is a year 'round use arrangement and we get to use and enjoy the place anytime!  Game is plentiful here and we love it!

The Camp

     (Click on this photo to see more pictures of life at The Yellow Rabbit)

Our camp is a very simple one; just an old school bus that was retired from service and put to use as a camp for the group. As you can see in the photo, it ain't fancy, but it's dry when it rains and warm when it's cold. There's no running water, no phone, no electricity, but it has 3 very comfortable bunks, a couch, and a very good heater. What else can I say, it's home away from home and we like it! And besides, the deer, turkeys, and other game could care less. For you who are repeat visitors you might notice that we added a deck and some awnings on the east side for this year.

What's that?  "Messy" you say?  Well, Heck!, it's a hunting camp, but we are thinking of putting it in for a 'Beautiful Home and Hunting Camp' award!!!  Do you think we'd win?

The People

(seated) Chad Smart, (standing, left to right) Richard Weatherford, Dennis Wood, Ronney Ford, and Brad Witt
(extreme lower left) Gizmo - he's the real boss of the place!

For the '98 - '99 hunting season we have 5 members. Here's a little information about each of them.

Dennis Wood, Bartlett, TN. Dennis is our current club President and a top-notch deer hunter. He also likes some other forms of hunting, particularly squirrels, and he likes to do a little turkey hunting. He's a dedicated hunter and a good choice for our President.

Ronney Ford, Red Banks, MS. (that's me!). I'm the Secretary - Treasurer and a life long hunter. Having been raised in the country, I began hunting at about the age of 13 and I've been dedicated to the sport ever since.

Brad Witt, Shelby County, TN. Brad is a long time friend of mine and a very valuable addition to our club. He doesn't do much deer hunting, I guess you can say he is our resident small game expert. Brad is the only member in the club that can go out and get a limit of squirrels in 35 minutes flat!! For the rest of us, it takes a little longer! News Flash!!!!!  Brad has announced that he WILL be hunting deer with us for the '99 - '00 season!!!!  If he turns out to be as good after deer as he is the small game, well, the rest of us are in trouble!!!  (And so are the deer!!!)  Good luck , Brad!

Chad Smart, Shelby County, TN. Chad is a new member and a young man from Tennessee that has chosen to hunt in Mississippi. Chad is a 'smart' and quiet individual that handles himself very well in the woods and is on his way to becoming a major class deer hunter. He and Richard are the best of friends and they are a welcome addition to our club.

Richard Weatherford, Shelby County, TN. Richard is a young and very energetic hunter with lots of go power to get the job done. I believe that it is that energy that makes him a success in the field as well as at his chosen profession, Sales. Some outdoor gear company would do well to snag this fine young salesman to sell hunting and outdoor gear, but alas for them, he is already well employed. Chad and Richard are the only bow hunters of the bunch.

Club Rules and Policies

Basically, we have few rules. It is an open environment with lots of freedom for the members. We don't hunt as a group. Each member is free to hunt any area he desires. We have about a dozen stands located all over the property and any member is free to use any stand he wants, so long as the stand's owner isn't occupying it at the time!

Our first and most important rule is that everyone be a safe hunter. It's written in stone, this comes first and is one of few reasons that any member might ever be excluded from the club. If a member shows himself to be an unsafe hunter, he will be asked to leave. Like I said, it's in stone!

Secondly, all hunting must be done in a manner consistent with state law. We just do not allow anyone to pursue illegal hunting practices.

Third, all members must have their dues account up to par by opening of deer season. Our dues year runs from November 15 through November 14 of the following calendar year. We do ask that each member make a financial commitment in the form of 50% of the annual dues for the coming year by July 31. This gives the club notice that the member is intending to return for the following year. Should a member decide to drop out this gives the remaining members time to recruit a new member. We like to keep 5 to 6 members each year so that nobody has any undue financial burden in regards to dues payment which are used to pay the lease cost. Late dues payments can be allowed if arrangements are made with the President.

And finally, no member or guest is to ever do anything that is detrimental to the land or to act in any way that is offensive to any members of the families that reside on the property. To violate this policy could cause all of us to loose our lease and we will not tolerate any member or guest risking that.

How we hunt

I'm not going to go into details about the hunting methods we use, you can read magazines with writers that are much better than me at telling you how to hunt, but I will say that we use various techniques in pursuit of both large and small game. We are ardent users of 4 wheel motor 'bikes' and have recently begun using radios to keep up with each other. The bikes are not used by everyone, but for those of us over 50 they are a real benefit. Bikes save a lot of walking and when you get my age, you can appreciate that!  They are great for getting stands and gear, as well as hunters, into and out of the woods with a minimum of effort.  And bringing a harvested deer out on a bike beats a long drag any day!!!

We hunt from stands a lot and on foot a lot, too. We kill deer by lots of different means, including occasional organized drives. It seems to me that the best way to take deer, or any other game, is to get out there with them and stay out there! In the past we've had a member or two that spent more time in camp than in the woods and then couldn't understand why some of us got more game and more shooting than they did. Ah, logic!!

The Annual Cookout

Every year on the first Saturday in October we have a cookout at the camp. (Another NEWS FLASH!!  This year we have decided to delay the annual cook out for 1999 until the first Saturday in NOVEMBER.  If you are planning to attend, please make note of this change!  Thanks.) This meeting is used to 'reacquaint' the members after the summer off time. We use this meeting to not only get reacquainted but also to discuss the hunting situation for the coming year. Game numbers, locations, and movement patterns are a big topic for discussion. The morning of that Saturday we hunt, squirrel and bow season for deer are both open then, and we begin cooking about 3 or so in the afternoon. We all pitch in and help with the cooking. Each member also brings a dish from home and some of the support troops (our wives) can really cook up some great side dishes!

Our annual 'feed' is open to anyone who wants to come as a club guest. If you live in the Memphis/Mid South area , or anywhere else for that matter, you might like to drop by. Guests eat Free and you are cordially invited to attend. We do ask that you let us know you are coming so we can bring you a plate, and of course, to make sure we have enough food and drink on hand for everyone. Sometimes we cook catfish, sometimes chicken, sometimes crawfish, sometimes ----well, you get the idea. And you'll need to get directions to get here!

After the 'feed' we all help clean up and then we conduct a club business meeting. It's the only scheduled business meeting we have each year and guests do sit in, but only the members have a vote.

Cookout '98

Here are a few photos from our October '98 Feed. It was a rousing success with the largest crowd we've ever had. The food was good and plentiful and the companionship was unbeatable.  Click on the thumbnail to see some more photos.  It is a page that is heavy with photos so it takes some time to load.

 Mississippi State Hunting Seasons and License Costs

Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks. All the information you need about fishing and hunting in Mississippi should be in this site.

In Closing

Well, that's it for now. As time goes by we intend to add more to this page. We will be especially diligent in the future about getting some photos of our activities to put up on the web. Be sure to drop by from time to time and check out our updated photos and other information.

If you would like to send us any comments or let us know you would like to come by for the October 'feed', please send an Email to me I'll answer your questions, take your comments, or give you directions to get to the camp and a phone number if you need to call me.

I also want to invite you to visit our commercial site. That's right, Dennis and I are the owners of DenRon, Inc. and we manufacture the world's best Deer Attractant, MINERAL MAGIC. We've done the field testing and know it works --- like magic! You can't buy a better attractant (or mineral supplement) anywhere, we guarantee it.

For now, my deer hunting friend, thanks for coming by. All the guys from the Yellow Rabbit wish you the best and, most of all, Good Hunting!

Ronney Ford, Secretary - Treasurer
Yellow Rabbit Hunting Club

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